FinSimo, a goal oriented financial planner

FinSimo is a personal financial planning app that projects your future financial situation based on your financial targets, earnings, spending, savings and investments options.

Based on your income, expenses, savings, and debts the app produces a forecasting of your cash flows, net worth, interrelation and growth of your assets and liabilities. By playing with input data you can view different scenarios of your future finances.

Got a wish? What is it? When do you want to achieve it?

  •  Buy a new house within 3 years

  •  Save for children’s college tuition fees within 5 years

  •  Plan retirement saving within 15 years

The time horizon of saving and investment options influence potential scenarios and ways of achieving the goal.


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  • It's free!
  • No permissions required, your data remains with you only.
  • Simple and secure.
  • Clear breakdown of your finances.
  • Beautiful visualisations.

Plan Your Financial Goals

Track your goal-based financial plans, saving allocations and growth

View and compare consumer finance products and impact on your goals

See when you will achieve your financial goals based on priority and conditions


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